Main SEO trends to rank your website in 2020

Do you have a website or blog and want to increase your visibility on the web? One of the most important steps to work is natural SEO also called SEO by the experts. Discover in this article the major SEO trends to help you develop your visibility in 2020.

It is important to use the right methods to make visible and make known your activity from your web supports. However, it is important to understand that content creation is not the only lever for you to develop.

It is imperative to take the time to understand the expectations of your users and search engines to then respond.

To do so, there are many good practices to improve your SEO. SEO trends change very regularly, so it’s our role as a web agency to keep you informed of developments.

So how can you optimise your SEO in 2020? In this article, we have tried to bring together the biggest current SEO trends with many tips that will help you create effective content to gain visibility on the web.

Long live the content!


We start with a simple element that seems logical to you but nevertheless essential to SEO. The content should not just exist, it must be of quality to have the desired impact. So it’s not so easy to set up SEO content that will appeal to both Google and users. So here are some tips to help you.

Content is still king!

We start with a simple element that seems logical to you but nevertheless essential to SEO. The content should not just exist, it must be of quality to have the desired impact. So it’s not so easy to set up SEO content that will appeal to both Google and users. So here are some tips to help you.

Structure and quality content


Content creation is one of the most important steps in getting good visibility on the web. Whether through a website or a blog, you need to heal your publications to improve your results and get an SEO that will prove effective over time.

For this, you must start by focusing on the content itself. Indeed, it must be well structured and qualitative. If you publish a rough article with an idea, your readers will pick up very quickly, or will not remember anything they read. It is therefore important to structure your writing by starting with parts and subparts. This organisation will facilitate the readability of your content and will also match the recommendations of search engines that recommend perfect HTML markup. Indeed, this type of construction will help you to develop your ideas more easily by keeping a common thread. It is also the most logical construction for both the user and the search engines.

Then you have to offer quality content. This means that reading must be easy for the user and that you must ensure that you provide useful information that responds to your visitors’ request so that they learn more and develop a real interest in your site.

So take the time to bring useful information, with a simple writing to allow each reader to understand what you are advancing.

Finally, consider dealing with one theme at a time to avoid losing the reader who will leave very quickly if he is not comfortable on your page. So put the odds on your side so that users stay on your page and take the time to read your content.


The important long tail of in SEO


If you manage to create structured and qualitative content, you will have done a lot of work already to attract the attention of Internet users and keep them on your site. But for users to arrive on your page, they will have to find your content!

And for that, you will need to judiciously choose your keywords. Indeed, Google will make you visible based on the search of users. It is therefore necessary to set up keywords adapted to the theme of your content to make it visible to the right people. The long tail strategy places your content on a longer query than a generic keyword. It can effectively target your target audience and can be an entire sentence if it can answer the questions of users.

We strongly advise you to develop a long-term strategy to gain visibility more easily vis-à-vis your competitors and to reach surfers doing an accurate search.

By following this advice, your content will become more easily visible on the web and users arriving on your page will find the exact information they need by enjoying reading your article or your quality web page.

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The media sources of attention

It is possible to say that the media are not the most important elements for SEO but it is a mistake. These elements are very useful to attract the attention of users and make them want to stay on the page, it will give you good results for SEO! Moreover, if you manage to refer to your media, you will also increase your visibility on the web!

Use video for more exposure


We will start with the importance of video for your SEO.

First of all, video is a format that is very popular with users. This interactive format tends to please and therefore keep the user on a page long enough, providing a qualitative video. The time spent on your web pages is a criterion of satisfaction in the eyes of the search engines. The longer users stay, the more you answer their queries. You will therefore be more likely to top the results.

If you manage to set up a quality video, web users will not hesitate to view it but also to share it around them, which will help you gain notoriety. Video is therefore very important to gain visibility but also to improve your notoriety.

When a user performs a search, he finds articles, images but also videos that occupy a very important place on the results page. She tends to attract the eye and the curiosity because she changes classic articles. Viewing it allows you to quickly get the information the user needs, compared to the articles you need to read. We must not forget that users are in a hurry, so they seek a quick and clear solution, what the video can offer them.

We advise you to put forward videos corresponding to the theme of your activity to get new visitors who will not hesitate to come back to discover the new formats. But we must not forget to look after the referencing of each video so that they appear in the search results.

Image search is important


Video occupies an important place on the web and the image as well. Google Image is also a great way for users to find what they need in a few clicks. Referencing your images will allow you to consistently reference your pages and also give you the ability to attract traffic via Google Image. So do not neglect visuals if you want to boost your presence on the web and attract new visitors.

If you want to have effective images, you must also treat their SEO so that they are able to stand out during queries. By obtaining good results for your image referencing, you will have the assurance of boosting your visibility, and this is essential for many professionals: e-commerce, graphic designers, agencies, web agencies, photographers or even image banks by example.

You do not know how to optimise your images? Start by choosing them well, they must attract the eye and show that they perfectly match the search for a surfer

It will then think of some elements such as the name of the image, the tag “alt”, the size and weight of your image. You can also heal the description of your image to boost its SEO and make you more easily visible.

In addition, when a user goes to your pages, it will remain more voluntarily if you have attractive visuals to offer because it will help to ventilate the page while illustrating it.

SVG an image format suitable for SEO


Here is one last important element for your SEO always at the media level, the SVG. If you do not know what it is, here are some things to help you. SVG is an image format, the Scalable Vector Graphic. It is therefore a format that can enlarge or shrink an image without losing its quality. This allows you to use it from software or HTML. There are several advantages to using the SVG format!

The first concerns its quality which differs from a classic image. You will have no trouble changing the size of the image while maintaining its quality and it will be very useful for use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop screen. We develop a little later the importance of mobile for SEO.

Its weight is low unlike other classic images. This will be very useful for SEO because the weight of an image will play a lot on the loading time of a page. So you can use the SVG format to improve your SEO.

Finally, an SVG image will allow you to customise it very easily in terms of colours, dimensions, rotations, transitions and animations. So you can use your images to improve your pages as you want.


Popularity is natural referencing


Here is another trend still relevant in SEO, it is the popularity of your website. Indeed, this part is very important because your SEO can not be dissociated from your network of discussion. The more qualitative it is, the more traffic you will get on your website. Eventually, this will help you gain notoriety and improve your appearance in Google search results.


The importance of backlinks


The popularity may seem pretty blurry, but we’ll help you see it more clearly. To improve your SEO on the web, you will need to establish your credibility in the eyes of Internet users but also search engines. This will be possible through backlinks.

Indeed, a backlink is a link on a third party site redirecting towards yours. If you manage to set up return links, you will be able to generate new ones while gaining popularity.

The backlink is therefore a very important SEO factor in 2020 because it has a great influence in the search engines. If you want to get good results, you need to put in place a relevant backlinks strategy.

Your return links must be present on sites offering quality content regularly and dealing with a topic close enough to yours without being a competing site. In addition, your backlinks must be on the keyword you want to remain effective.

It is therefore essential to improve your reputation and your popularity by implementing an effective backlinks strategy that will not fail to help you achieve good results in the SEO of your website.


Learn more about growing your popularity through net linking.


User experience, a satisfaction criterion

You will understand, to gain visibility, it is important that your site is attractive to users. So you need to establish a user-centric strategy to improve your SEO by 2020.


SEO is essential to gain visibility and notoriety, it will help you increase your traffic in a sustainable way. This will begin by identifying your target audience, their expectations and needs in order to put in place an effective strategy that will be able to fill visitors.

If you analyse the user experience, it will be easier for you to make the right choices for your SEO.

Indeed, this analysis allows you to better understand the interactions of each user during their visit to your site. By taking the time to do a complete analysis, you will see what you need to modify and improve to provide an optimal experience for future visitors.

So we can say that the UX is complementary to SEO because they both have the main goal of providing a relevant and enjoyable experience to users on your site.

By using the user experience to improve your SEO, you are able to improve your internal mesh to optimise navigation and facilitate access to your content.

So do not neglect this part because Internet users are at the centre of your success, so you must improve their experience to build loyalty and bring them what they need! To learn more about SXO read our article SXO Search experience optimisation.

Loading speed & times


Here is another point that you should not overlook in the user experience. Whether on PC or mobile, the loading time is very important. But when it comes to a mobile, the loading speed becomes even more important! Indeed, a user who will search on his smartphone needs a quick answer.

If your web pages are long to load, you risk losing your audience that will never come back due to a bad user experience. It is therefore necessary to optimise the loading speed to allow each user to enjoy a fast and efficient display.

To get a good download speed, you will need to optimise the content like your images, videos, texts, codes, etc. the slightest element can help slow down your load, so take your time to make the right choices.

If you manage to offer quickly accessible pages, you will help to improve your SEO because the visitors will come many, and they will stay on your website to enjoy the comfort of navigation. So do not neglect this part that could serve you and bring you more traffic, more users and so boost your notoriety.

Mobile is at the heart of your SEO strategy

You probably realise that people are searching more and more from their smartphones. It is therefore important to optimise your website to provide a pleasant navigation from it. For this, you must think about building your site from the beginning to keep good visibility.

Mobile index first


Do you know what is the mobile index first? As the name suggests, it is an index developed by Google that is based on mobile content to analyse and rank content unlike the usual index that is based on desktop content.

This index is very important because users tend to use their smartphone to do their research rather than their PC. It is therefore necessary to take into account this new mobile index first for your SEO in 2020.

By meeting the mobile first expectations, you ensure a positioning and visibility of quality on the search engines. It will for example make your site perfectly responsive design at the risk of completely disappearing results in the search engines.

Responsive design for an accessible site

The next element is the responsive design of your website. Indeed, you must absolutely take into account this criterion to keep a good SEO while increasing the traffic on your site quite easily.

You do not know what is a responsive site? This is simply the ability of web pages to adapt to different screen sizes. A responsive site will therefore display correctly on a smartphone, a tablet and a computer screen. This allows each user to easily navigate the site from any device without feeling the slightest discomfort.

The responsive is the ideal ally to display the window at the right size, while automatically filling the screen without the user needing to do any zoom manipulation. Internet users will be able to access your site with great comfort which facilitates navigation. It is therefore very important to build your website in responsive design to monitor the growth of use of smartphones during web searches. If they have a good experience, they will definitely want to come back!


Geolocation & local referencing


It may seem strange at first glance to use geolocation for your SEO in 2020. And yet, this part is very important! Indeed, every element counts for SEO and geolocation is one of them.

If your company is Australian, and wants to reach a Australian audience, it will be necessary to make every effort to reach this target. It is therefore important to geotag your content in an area like Paris for example, it will make it easier to reach your users.

It’s the same if you have a business in a city like selling a local specialty. It will be useless to make you known generally across the country, the most important for you will be to reach the Internet near your shop.

Geolocation will serve as a very practical tool to get closer to your target audience. We advise you to take the time to set up a local SEO strategy to get good results as quickly as possible. This will help you gain notoriety near your store but also stand out with a more refined SEO.

It should be remembered that when searching on a mobile, the geolocation factor is taken into account to display the search results. A person living in the north will not necessarily have the same results as a mobile user in the south.


The evolution of SERP


The SERP is the results page after a search. The user can find a lot of information. It is interesting for you to read it.

Structured data (rich snippet)

Structured data is a language that allows a human to communicate with search engine robots. The structured data or micro data are this additional information on the content of your pages that enrich your links in the search results.

This additional information can be read and displayed by the search engines by adding little bits of code to your existing HTML. This can have an extremely positive impact on your traffic.

Indeed, thanks to this system, you can offer enriched data about your content to search engines as well as to Internet users who will be more likely to click on your links.

Among these structured data one of the most known and effective is that of the notation that shows the famous 5 stars of satisfaction in the SERP. All the useful information can be structured in micros data to offer more precise descriptions to your potential visitors on the search engines: Address, Descriptions relating to products (dimension, reference, weight)

Other questions people ask us


The other questions also called “People also ask” put forward a list of other suggestions for query formulations high enough in the SERP. It constitutes major opportunities for natural results, which are usually less well positioned.

We must treat the quality of your content and keywords as a question to hope to appear in the other questions asked.

Position 1

Position 1 is the ultimate goal of any site to reach to gain visibility and traffic. This is the topmost part of the search results above the first result.

With position 1, Google tries to answer the query directly from the SERP.

With the arrival of the 1 position, it is essential to review the structure of its website to hope to appear there. First of all, it is very important to orient the content of your pages so that they can directly answer the questions that users may have. For that, it will be necessary to optimise the main title of your contents so that they can contain, for example, at the beginning of the sentence an interrogative word.


Social networks


If you want to optimise your SEO in 2020, you must not forget one of the essential elements: social networks! In fact, users use at least one social network regularly and see your content very easily. Here are some elements that will help you understand their importance.

The importance of social networks on your SEO

It may seem odd but social networks have a real influence on the SEO of a site and the notoriety of a company. In fact, Internet users tend to use at least one social network every day. So if you want to become visible to users, you need to develop your presence where they are most often.

You can create a business account to show activity in your profile. This will get subscribers, interact with visitors and create a climate of trust and closeness between your company and the Internet.

To have a good strategy on social networks, it is essential to set up an editorial line and a schedule to communicate regularly.

You can also diversify by developing your presence on several networks! The main ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so start with these to get a small community that will gradually grow over time.

However, it remains important to share qualitative and engaging content. For example, you can get good results with hashtags that will help you reach your target audience quickly while growing your active community on social networks. So do not forget to diversify your optimisation by taking into account the importance of your accounts on the networks.


Chatbots, compliment your social media strategy


Chatbots are becoming more common, but are you using them? The chatbot is a very useful complementary tool on your social networks. Indeed, if you are not available at all times to respond to your customers and users who make contact on your social networks (but also your website or your blog), the chatbot can help you. It will be there to answer your place as soon as the user will need it.

This allows you to optimise your response time in an instant while showing a certain proximity with users. Indeed, being available at all times allows some consideration and interaction with your visitors who feel considered.

It is therefore necessary to start by choosing your chatbot so that it is adapted to your needs. Then, make sure to set it up to ensure a clear answer to users. You will gain notoriety, your community will grow and you will quickly gain visibility on the web.


Web security, the SEO standard


If you want to retain your visitors while increasing your notoriety on the web, it will take the time to secure your website. Indeed, your SEO will not last in 2020 if you do not take the time to strengthen the security of your pages. If users do not feel safe on your site, it is likely that they will not want to stay let alone come back, so you will automatically lose traffic.

The HTTPS protocol to secure your visitors

It’s official, the use of an HTTPS secure protocol is a relevant natural referencing criterion taken into account by Google’s algorithm. The Google search engine will now prefer to highlight the good students in HTTPS compared to their unsecured equivalents.

The HTTPS is a secure version of the http, it allows to secure the transfer of data on the website but also the computer of the user.

It is very important to set up a good security on your website because the HTTPS protocol will avoid any risk of diversion or even falsification of various information. Indeed, this system is very useful because it makes it possible to verify the digital identities, and thus to secure the exchanges of data while encrypting the information of the visitors to protect them. It is by guaranteeing a certain confidentiality and integrity that you will establish a link of trust with your Internet users.

Do not believe that the HTTPS protocol is enough for your SEO, it serves as an element in the same way as what has been done before. It is also not the only criterion of relevance to help you secure your website so feel free to enhance security with other tools.


Voice search, a voice of the future


Do you know voice search? It allows a user to clearly state his research orally without wasting time typing a query. Find out why voice search is important for your SEO in 2020.

The evolution of voice search

Voice search is one of the most popular trends that can be answered very quickly without the slightest effort. It is therefore ideal for busy users, and there are many.

The American giant Google regularly updates its response algorithm to take more and more into account this new trend of research.

And for good reason, connected objects such as personal assistants (Google home, Alexa …), are becoming increasingly important in households. It is estimated that 20 billion objects will be connected by 2020,

So you have to think about optimising your content by taking into account the conversational language. For example, you can use clear answers and specific questions that begin with “who, what, what, where.”

If you want to use voice search to optimise your SEO, you must take the time to place clear interrogative content and geolocated words as this is taken into account in this type of search.

So think about adapting to current research uses to get good results and boost your traffic by any means.




The aim of this article was to make a panorama of the SEO trends for 2020 in order to better prepare the optimisation of your website.

You now have the different keys to help boost your SEO. It takes a lot of time, but these steps are necessary if you want to succeed in implementing a quality SEO to increase your traffic and generate more sales while retaining visitors.

Patience and investment are the key to the success of SEO in 2020 and have lasting results over time. You just have to apply each point!